Sports Betting Strategy at Fun88

Want to bet on as many sports matches as possible or just look for one or two matches a week that you think you will have an advantage?

If you’re a gambler for fun, then you don’t care how many games you bet every week. But if you really want to make a long-term profit as a gamer at BET88 Review site betting, then you will need to find games where you can get value. That is one of the best sports betting strategies that FUN88 wants to send to you in the article below.

Improve betting tactics:

In betting, we need to focus on two issues: rafting and betting options.


For accurate and effective trusses. Players need to be able to collect and analyze information related to the upcoming match. Especially information such as:

  • Ranking position of 2 teams on the rankings.
  • Confrontation history of 2 teams.
  • The performance of the 2 teams in the nearest time.
  • Match status of 2 couples, in need of points, or just kicking form.
  • Lineups, players’ situation, injuries, health.
  • The weather situation. Political situation between the two countries, Away or home stone, fans, etc.

(*) Some tips from FUN88 to choose the door that you should refer:

The handicap rate decreases by 1 to 3/4, but the meal rate increases before the competition time => The underdog is being evaluated more. => Select the rafter.

The handicap ratio decreases with the reduced feed rate, the handicap ratio increases with the meal increase => Select the remaining team.

Asian handicap increased to 1/4 while European rafters inclined to the door => Choose the home team

European markets do not change much while Asian markets decrease => Choose the away team

European markets correspond to handicap 1/4 and Asian handicap handicap 1/2 => Choose the away team

Manage betting budgets:

If you are determined to go long distances with betting on FUN88, you need to improve your budget management skills. Refer to the bet below:

Double bets: The next bet amount is twice the previous game

1-3-2-6 Bets or 1-3-2-4 Bets: This corresponds to the bet unit in turn of 4 games. If you win, then exceed the bet on the next game.

If you lose or end game 4 then return to the first game bet.

Bet a maximum of 2 markets / match, maximum 3 matches / day

Bet up to 50-70% of the total capital / turn.

Should not bet more than 3 matches a day. You will not be able and alert enough to participate in betting.

Tactics keep the psychology:

From FUN88’s players opinion, psychology played a very important role. It will determine whether or not you maintain the skills mentioned above.

Some notes to improve psychological skills when participating in the charge as follows:

  • Maintain skills according to the original tactic.
  • Not affected by the crowd.
  • Wins do not arrogant, not discouraged by failure.

Sports bet by quantity:

The method of odds and betting on quantity sports, is that you focus on betting on multiple games at a time. When you place a bet on a variety of disciplines and fields, you spread evenly the amount you have and hope to win 53% of your stake or more to make a profit.

You will encounter a few problems when you try to use this betting method. Although it is the best sports betting strategy, it is not easy to do.

The first problem is that you don’t have enough time to completely focus on each match. When you play good handicap bets, your long-term results tend to be in the middle.

Sports bet according to the quality:

Quality sports betting method focuses on finding a few subjects, as well as the field that brings the highest value. When you focus on quality instead of quantity, you can invest more time and make bigger bets at games you understand well.

HOWEVER, the challenge here is, you must find a way to quickly eliminate the non-valuable part for you to determine where you should bet.


If you want an average sports betting result, you can bet on as many games as you like from BET88 service. Learn how to find a small number of bets each week where you can get value, and research these bets carefully.

This is the only way to gain profit over the long term as a professional gambler in the sports field. Good luck.

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