As known on Gambling Online 188BET, Singapore-American female boxer Victoria Lee is the younger sister of two world MMA champions at ONE Championship. Her eldest sister is Angela Lee, who has held the Atomweight belt for a long time despite the fact that this weight class has many strong opponents.

Victoria’s brother is Christian Lee, who also held the world lightweight championship belt before losing it to Ok Rae Won at the recent ONE: Revolution event.

Growing up among champions, Victoria Lee quickly developed an interest in mixed martial arts. According to Gambling Online 188BET experts’ review, even the skills of the girl born in 2004 are evaluated as comprehensively as her siblings.

Victoria Lee officially entered the professional MMA scene in February of this year in the Atomweight category. The 17-year-old female boxer quickly shocked when she knocked out Thai opponent Sunisa Srisen (who has 4 victories after 5 matches) with a famous “Rear Naked Choke” strangulation right in the second round.

Then at the end of July, Victoria Lee continued to shock the Asian MMA village when she defeated Chinese female boxer Luping Wang with an arm lock (Armbar) when the first round was just over 1 minute.

Most recently at the ONE: Revolution event that ended on September 24, the 17-year-old woman continued to have a fight with a Brazilian boxer with very good martial arts and wrestling skills, Victoria Souza.

Before the match, Lee was not as appreciated as his opponent when Souza was on a 5-match winning streak on the professional stage, including 4 by knockout.

Surprisingly, when the opening bell rang, Lee did not hesitate to wrestle with an opponent with a knack for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She was even able to close the match when she performed the correct arm lock.

Unfortunately, the time of the first half ran out before the locking move created enough pressure for the opponent to surrender.

Early in the second half, Lee continued to drag Souza to the floor and unleashed a series of very heavy elbows. When the opponent was intoxicated, Lee turned over and launched a stranglehold, locking his right hand and then repeatedly swinging his elbow.

Despite his remarkable ability to resist and withstand blows, Souza had to submit, signaling to surrender when the second half still had more than 1 minute left.

With victories like chopping bamboo against more experienced and famous seniors, Victoria Lee is known as the “MMA prodigy”.

For Vietnamese martial arts fans and 188BET fans, they hope to soon see Lee compete against Vietnamese-born female boxer Bi Nguyen who is also competing in this weight class at ONE Championship.

Victoria shares the pressure of being the sister of two ONE Championship champions

As the younger sister of two ONE Championship champions, Victoria received a lot of expectations from 188BET fans when she entered the professional MMA village even though she is only 17 years old this year.


Sharing about that pressure, the Lee daughter said: “Both my brother and sister (Christian and Angela) gave me a lot of valuable advice. They have a lot of experience, so they completely understand what emotions I went through during this period, especially when I will be making my ONE Championship debut at such a young age.

Brother and sister advised me to relax and keep myself as mentally strong as possible, which will help me overcome the pressure of the first match.

I think the best thing I learned from my brothers and sisters is watching them practice, it gives me more motivation to continue on their successful path.”

It is known from Gambling Online 188BET that Victoria Lee is a very good fighter in the use of Taekwondo, Muay Thai, BJJ and Free Wrestling techniques in competition. This is also the forte of her two older siblings, Angela and Christian Lee.

Notably, the girl with the nickname “The Prodigy” has become a two-time Pankration world champion, 2020 Hawaii state wrestling champion and 15-time NAGA champion.

Now, she is fully focused on her first professional MMA fight. “It’s similar to training for any other competition, because we train hard all the time,” Lee said.

“The Prodigy” is used to mixing multiple martial arts together, and she believes the seamless transition from offensive to wrestling, to locking skills will be crucial to her success.