Free Predictions: HT/FT

About The HT/FT Market

Football betting has come leaps and bounds since its introduction and the advent of HT / FT bets one of the major advancement in the sports betting industry. HT / FT bets are no doubt one of the most lucrative betting products available for bettors. With the help of HT / FT bets, bettors are now able to both hedge and speculate the outcome of football matches, giving them a great chance to make a profit in the process through matchplug Expert Football Predictions.

At, we understand the importance and significance of HT / FT bets and now provide our clients a chance to utilise these bets and make huge profits. Before you take part in these bets and win some money, let’s try to understand more about HT / FT bets and how we can benefit from them.

What is HT / FT Betting?

HT / FT bets is a type of betting, in which you provide a prediction or a guess The result of a football match at both the half time and the end of the match. Most bookmakers have HT / FT bets as a standard football bet, as this bet can offer decent returns based on the bookmaker’s odds.

How Does it Work?

When you make a HT / FT bet, you must provide a prediction for the result of a football match at both halftime and full time. Your prediction must reflect accurately within the 90 minutes of the football match, including extra-time if it’s necessary.