Why it is cool to bet on the Inter Miami to do well in the MLS next Season

Whether you are contemplating MLS betting in Michigan or any part of the world, it is very important to keep an eye on David Beckham’s new team, Inter Miami.

The former England captain would finally float his team in the 2020 MLS season and we expect some people to underrate them as usual.

That would be a mistake as far as I am concerned as new teams tend to spring surprises just like LAFC did when they first entered the division and here is why I expect Inter Miami to thrive.

Soccer playing owner

For a new side, they must have people on the board who understands the game and that is surely a recipe for success. Inter Miami doesn’t just people who know soccer, their co-owner is a former successful soccer player himself and I believe that would make them successful quicker than we expect.

Exciting draft picks

Robbie Robinson would lead Inter Miami’s attack in their first season

Inter Miami was given the chance to make the first pick and they chose the highest-rated player in the draft, Robbie Robinson.

The young forward is an exciting player and comes with the biggest potential in the draft this year.

He won this year’s MAC Hermann award as the top male collegiate player in the country and I think he would drive their early success.

They have the element of surprise

When new teams come into competitions, it is hard for teams to prepare to play against them.

I believe that Inter Miami would have that shock element about them when the new season starts and that would help them get some surprising results in their first campaign.

Incoming European stars

David Beckham’s career as a top footballer in Europe means he has the contacts to land some of the continent’s best stars.

I expect Beckham to begin making use of his European contacts to land some exciting and experienced players.

The likes of Luis Suarez and Joe Hart have already been linked with a move, no one knows the European star that would be their headline signing, but I expect a signing that would propel the team to greater heights.

Inter Miami is the team to watch out for in the new season and I expect that they would thrive.

I don’t know what would become of them down the line, but I am sure that they would start next season strongly and cause a few upsets.

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