The biggest football tournament on the planet

Football is the most attractive king sport on the planet and has the largest number of fans worldwide. That’s because the intense football matches have brought fans a lot of different emotions.

Because football sport has a lot of fans, many players play in the world. So the big leagues have since been opened to satisfy everyone’s football fun. Let’s take a look at the major football leagues in the world:

World football championship – World Cup

The world soccer championship (FIFA World Cup) is an international soccer tournament organized by the FIFA World Football Association every four years. The tournament gathered hundreds of the best big and small teams from different countries in the world to compete, kick from qualifying to the final. The tournament is organized exclusively for FIFA member countries. This is also a tournament that attracts many people to invest in betting. By following ty le keo bong da regularly, many people have become addicted to this game.

In 1930, the first tournament was organized and was only twice interrupted in 1942 and 1946. The reason was due to the outbreak of World War II.

According to the latest news, FIFA has agreed to accept the number of teams from 32 to 48 teams in the 2026 World Cup. This is also the first official decision of FIFA to increase the number of participating teams. It can be said that this is a bold decision because this is the largest sporting event in the world that has been warmly welcomed by fans.

World Cup is the largest football tournament in the world/Ph. Pinterest

In football, nothing is impossible, the ball has not rolled on the field, proving that all predictions have not said anything. The most evident proof that we see the surprise that the sport of the king brought is the 2018 World Cup.

A World Cup that the audience went from surprise to surprise when the big teams came out in the group stage, the smaller countries and the weaker evaluation had unique and unique gameplay. That is why football always has a special appeal to everyone.

UEFA Champions League – European clubs

The UEFA Champions League is the live football tournament of European football clubs. People often call it the Cup C1. The UEFA Champions League is also one of the top and major tournaments in the world. The tournament is organized by the European Football Federation, once a year.

It can be said that the tournament has created a large arena for the strongest and biggest clubs in Europe to compete. The tournament is organized in several rounds, the format of which consists of a qualifying round as well as a deciding round between tied teams.

The final round will take place in May every year, the team that wins will win the ticket to go to the European Football Super Cup (UEFA Super Cup) and the Club World Soccer Championship. (FIFA Club World Cup).

The UEFA Champions League also attracts a large number of viewers through television and the royalties are also huge. In the history of the tournament so far, the Real Madrid club is the most successful with the most impressive achievement when it has won the throne 12 times and has won 5 Cups in the first 5 seasons.

UEFA Europa League

There are some people who don’t know what the Europa League is because they are not football fans. But the UEFA Europa League is still a big tournament that attracts fans. If the UEFA Champion League is often referred to as the C1 cup, the Europa League is a lower-level tournament with the name of the cup C2.

The tournament is held to be reserved for European clubs that rank high in the domestic league. But they did not win a ticket to attend the UEFA Champions League, they will play in the UEFA Europa League.

Each participating national federation will have three participating clubs, except for the 52-54 ranked league with only two teams, the 55th federation and Liechtenstein with only one participating team. Based on last season’s performance, teams will advance to the group stage or have to qualify for the non-championship bracket.

Champions League qualifying teams will also be given the chance to win the Champions League qualifying rounds, and the eight teams finishing third in the Champions League group stage will also participate in the 32-round round. The tournament includes qualifying, group stage 12 group 4 teams, round 32 teams, round 16 teams, quarter-finals, semifinals and finals.

Although it seems lower than the UEFA Champion League, the UEFA Europa League has always held a large audience because there are many fierce struggles.

Premier League

Premier League always watched by many football fans/Ph. Pinterest

Although the Premier League is an English league, its influence has never been reduced. The Premier League has always been rated as the most attractive tournament on the planet with the number of people watching the matches of the highest ranks. The money raised by the broadcast, the television rights are always mentioned every time the tournament starts.

In the European arena, the English Premier seems to be weaker, but the fierce and fierce confrontation always takes place in the domestic league between Chelsea, MU, Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool … also received the attention.  Many fans of big fans all over the planet.

With the participation of 47 clubs.  In 1992, the first season was held but until now over the years only six clubs have won the throne of that tournament, Chelsea, MU, Arsenal, Manchester City, Blackburn Rovers and Leicester City.

Asian club football championship

The tournament, abbreviated as AFC, is the annual soccer tournament organized by the Asian Football Federation for football clubs to win the national championship or to win the national cup or to win the national cup of developed football backgrounds of AFC.

The tournament consists of 32 clubs participating in the competition, high and low division in the group stage, the champions of the tournament will be eligible to represent football clubs under AFC to participate in the FIFA tournament. The participating teams will come from 18 AFC member countries that have previously qualified for the AFC Champions League preliminary round.

La Liga football tournament – Spain

La Liga is the highest professional football tournament for clubs in Spain. This league has 20 teams, of which the 3 lowest teams in each league will be relegated to the Segunda Division. Replacing them will be the top 3 names in the lower division.

In the football tournament system in Spain, this is the most popular tournament in the world. According to statistics, the average number of spectators is always 26. 983 in matches in the 2017-2018 season. This is a football tournament with the audience watching ranks in the top 10 worldwide and ranked 3rd in the league for the club.

Referring to La Liga, football fans will surely remember right here is the residence of the two highest-ranking ball balls on the planet: Real Madrid and Barcelona. Besides, this is also where the two most popular names in the football world are Ronaldo and Leo Messi.

Fans love this tournament not only by talented people but also because of fairness, transparency, extremely civilized competition. The position of the teams is based on their true ability without any other intervention.

Football is a king sport and has many fans all over the world. With compelling content from matches holding football clubs, big matches always attract the attention of so many people. Football is also a sport that attracts a large number of participants to predict football and bet on it, like this page Above are the most attractive football leagues on the planet that I would recommend.

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