Popular Soccer Betting Tips

Betting on football is very popular around the world, but it can be extremely frustrating if you don’t know how to bet and win. While there’s no shortage of stories about punters who won thousands after staking $50 or less, all that most punters know is the drowning feeling of losing an accumulator to a last minute goal. Some continue to wager week after the other hoping for a big payday, only for the whole exercise to end up being costly.

Here are some of the most popular soccer betting tips that will help you win:

  1. Do Your Research

The first rule in soccer betting is that every punter must gather enough information before placing a bet on any outcome. Study a team’s form, statistics, head to head comparison, and the team news to be able to make an informed decision when it comes to betting. That’s because this information will allow you to take an analytical approach when determining which outcome might occur.

For instance, if the top team on the league table is playing a club in the relegation zone during the middle of the week, the leading team will be priced as the favorite. However, there are still several other factors that may affect the outcome of such a game.

Though most people will take the positions in the league as a good indicator for a win, the bottom team might give their best for the game. There are also chances that the top team will rest their key players while playing lesser opponents to keep them fit for bigger challenges.

  1. Remain Analytical

Though you will get great market odd when you bet on football with Betway Kenya, always avoid betting on impulse. Avoid letting your emotions run wild when betting and place your bets solely based on the research. Depending on the odds to know the possible outcome is a sure way to lose your money.

Backing with your heart also makes you bet on your team or your favorite player to score, ignoring the form of the player or the opposition’s strength. Some punters get lucky often and win when they back big teams, but those who support teams in the relegation zone lose more than they win every season. That means you should remain analytical and only bet on matches that you’ve gathered enough info.

  1. Keep A Record Of Your Lines

Though some bookies like Betway keep a record of all your bets, it’s important to have a separate record on a note pad. Keep a clear note of your losses and wins, as well as your stake on each combination to know exactly how much money you’re giving away. You can also add notes to help you move forward and improve your betting strategy.

At the end of the week or a month, you should tally your results and look at your overall profit or loss. If you’re experiencing constant losses with accumulators that promise big returns, consider changing your betting tactics next time. You might also consider backing a few teams in a single accumulator or placing singles bets, even though the returns are not as huge.

Remember You Won’t Always Win

If there’s a bullet proof way to win every time you bet on football, then the bookies would be out of business. However, you can use the three tips above to increase the number of times you win your bets every season.

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