Full Time Result Betting Guide and Tips by W88 Experts

Description: Full time result betting is easier to win and gives players more bonuses from winning bets. Learn the Full Time Result betting guide from W88 experts to bet.

According to experts, the Full Time result bet is the most difficult type of bet to predict, but it has the ability to bring bettors an extremely attractive bonus. With a very small capital when participating in Full Time results betting, players have had a chance to have a certain victory for themselves. Learn how to bet Full Time results and tips from W88 experts from W88au.net.

What is Full Time Result Betting on W88 Online Bookie?

Whenever placing a bet on a football match at the W88 bookie, there will be many players interested in the Full Time result type, along with the Half Time result bet. But players need to keep in mind that each football bookmaker will set its own rules and bet levels for each time of play.

When looking at the Full Time Result table of odds, you need to pay attention to the following symbols to place an effective bet:

  • Half Time (HT): in the first half
  • Full Time (FT): full match, both 1st and 2nd half.
  • H: is the home team, D means a draw, and A stands for the away team.
  • HH = Home – Home: often used to bet on football corresponding to the home team winning in the first half or the whole match.
  • HA = Home – Away: used to bet on the home team to win the first half. The away team will be the winner of the whole match.
  • AA: bet on the away team to win the first half and win the whole match.
  • DD = Draw – Draw: bet the 1st half will draw and the whole match will also be drawn.
  • HD = Home – Draw: bet on the home team to win the first half and the two teams will tie the whole match.
  • AH = bet the away team will win the first half. And the home team will win a Full Time Result.

DA = Draw – Away: bet in the first half that both teams will tie. The away team will win the whole match.

W88 Full time result betting tips

Besides understanding the symbols on the Full-time result odds table on the W88 bookmaker, players should also pay attention to the experiences and tips shared by the experts below to bet more effectively.

Analysis of the situation of 2 teams

When the weaker team is leading by 1 goal, it is very likely that in the second half the goal will be equalized. Therefore you can consider betting on the 1st half that the strong team will win, the 2nd half will be a draw, or the weak team will win the whole match in the 2nd half.

If the goal in the first half is scored by the strong team. After that, the strong team gets a card for some reason. At this time, it is best that the player can make the choice of HT / FT, the chances of winning will be high.

Apply parlay bets for optimal winning result

According to the assessment of football analysts from the professional W88 bookie, players should choose parlay bets, especially for this type of HT / FT bet.

And if you choose to play in-play parlay bets, the winning effect is even higher. Because now you can completely rely on the actual competition situation and make the most accurate decisions.

Besides, if you want to be safe, you can choose to add a D-D bet ticket to include in your parlay ticket, because for a tie in Full Time Result betting, the house will refund the player.

W88au said in the picture above, Arsenal/Draw wins the bet with the rate of 26.00, while the Arsenal / Middlebrough bet wins at the rate of 81.00, very attractive for players to bet and quickly get rich from the W88 Sportsbook.

Some important notes

  • Take advantage of the 0 – 0 cashback promotion (if possible) when participating in HT/FT markets.
  • The HT / FT Home / Away and Away / Home bets are quite high, because the matches often have a comeback.
  • The HT/FT special odds ratio is approximately the product of the HT bet multiplied by the FT running at the end of the first half.
  • The HT/FT market is a complete set of events consisting of 9 specially composed rafters.


Above is all the important information you need to know about Full Time Result bets compiled and shared by W88 bookie’s football analysts at W88au.net. Hope you can apply proficiently and win many bet tickets.

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