Football Tips and Predictions

Anything can happen in a game of Football. However, the sport is a lot more predictable than it first seems. Provided you have enough data in the form of team and player stats plus previous performances, you can make a pretty good estimation of what will happen in the game and get good results from predicting the score.

With more data available on matches than ever before, people can make use of it to produce predictions and tips with a high degree of accuracy. Not every tip will be a winner, of course, but provided you know what to look for, you can have greater success when predicting scores. If you’re going to be placing bets at Colorado Sportsbooks, you’ll need to know how to predict games and how to find the best tips. Read on for our complete guide on how to improve your odds when placing bets on Football.


How to Predict Football Games

Predicting football games is all about examining the statistics, form, and record of each team and using it to conclude what might happen. Your prediction should always use data; otherwise, it’s just guesswork. While you can have success through hunches, it’s not the best way to consistently win. If you want to have the best chance of turning a profit from betting on Football, consider the following factors before you bet.

  1. Who has the home-field advantage?

In the NFL, home teams generally have a large advantage over the away team and as such, are usually considered the favorites. In the last ten years, teams that play at home have won by an average of 2.2 more points than they would have if they played away. Consider which team is playing at home and use this to adjust your prediction accordingly.

  1. Is one team more rested than the other?

During the regular season, every team in the NFL gets one bye week. This week of rest often leads to better performances when they return, so be mindful that some teams may have better than expected results after coming off a weeklong break.

  1. Is this a playoff or regular game?

The regular season is a lot more predictable than the playoffs and championships games. The favorites are usually much more likely to win in the playoff games, and so this is an important factor to consider when making your prediction.

  1. Will travel be a factor?

Travel can have a big impact on how a team performs, particularly if a team has traveled to a different timezone. Consider the length of time that the away team has had to travel to the game and whether they could be suffering from jetlag. This will add to the home-field advantage

  1. Form and margin of victory

Team form always plays a big role in the upcoming performance of a team. Aside from whether a team won or lost, you should also check the margin of victory. Whether it was a dominant win or a close defeat, you can use this information to make a better prediction of the team’s upcoming game.


Finding the Best Football Tips

There are many tips out there and plenty of people who claim to be an expert on football betting. However, some of these tips worthless, and you must be able to tell the difference between a good tip and something that’s not worth your money. Here are our tips on finding the best tips and getting the most out of your football bets.

  • Look for bet explanations – Whenever you find a tip, whether it’s from a friend or something you’ve read online, don’t just bet on it if there’s no explanation given. People who understand the game and are good at giving tips know exactly why their bet has the best chance of winning and should always provide a good explanation. If there’s no explanation, it’s likely just based on a hunch or because they think the odds look good. This is a sure-fire way to lose money.
  • Make sure you’re getting the best odds on your bets – Before placing your bet on any football tip or prediction, make sure you shop around for the best odds. There are lots of great sportsbooks out there, and often you can find a lot of value in checking the odds at different sites.
  • Don’t just go with Moneyline bets – Moneyline bets are all well and good, but most NFL games have plenty of other markets to bet on. Check to see if there are tips on prop bets, as these, in particular, can offer a lot of value if you know what you’re looking for.
  • Look at CFL and NCAA football tips, too – The NFL is the biggest football league in the world, but it’s not the only Football you can bet on. Betting on college ball or Canadian Football is often available at some of the biggest sportsbooks, and you can find good value betting on these games if you pay attention to the statistics.

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