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A complete guide to the basic bet types

Just like you can never win any sport you don’t understand or know how to play it if you do not have the understanding of the basic bet types, it becomes almost impossible to place the right bet. In this article, we would be explaining three basic bet types; Handicap, Totals, and 1x-2. Continue reading […]

Basketball betting tips Formula

The Ultimate guide to betting on the NBA

Despite the simple outlook of basketball, becoming an expert bettor and beating the bookmakers at the game takes a lot of effort and patience. In this article, we discuss some basic rules of the NBA and explain what to look out for if you want to make money betting on the NBA. Basketball is one […]

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How Handicap Betting works in different Sports

Most bettors avoid handicap betting due to its complicated outlook. However, Handicap betting offers an excellent opportunity for a bettor to win by providing balance in the chances of either team winning a game with a positive or negative number, known as the handicap. Handicap Betting Explained A handicap is a figure that a bookmaker […]

betting tips Football Betting tips

Football Betting Formula 2018 {Infographic}

Interested in learning the football betting formula to winning more bets? Then you will love this football betting infographic we put together. In this masterpiece, you will find information on all aspect of football betting. Some of the things you will learn include: 1. What football betting really means 2. Some important betting statistics 3. […]