Breaking News – Boxer Justin Thornton Passed Away

Update on Justin Thornton’s Death

The martial arts world and players on FB88 has just received sad news when Justin Thornton, a former boxer of the BKFC 20 bare-knuckle boxing tournament, died after a brutal knock-out defeat in a promotion match in August.

On his personal page, BKFC bare-knuckle boxing tournament president Dave Feldman made an official statement about Justin Thortnton’s death as follows:

“This morning, we are saddened to announce the loss of one of our fighters, Justin Thornton, who competed at the BFKC event on August 20. All of the team and the martial arts community. I would like to send my sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones.” Mr. Dave Feldman wrote.

According to Thornton’s personal page and from FB88 experts, this boxer was transported to the hospital after a knock-out from opponent Dillon Cleckler at the BKFC 20 event. The match at the BKFC 20 event in Mississippi in August lasted just 19 seconds. Dillon Cleckler repeatedly struck accurately, causing Thornton to be stunned and collapse in the position of head to the ring.

The referee immediately stopped the game so the medical team could get in. However, Thornton did not have to respond. He was then taken out of the gym on a stretcher and taken straight to the hospital.

Thornton was paralyzed on half of his body, contracted an infection from a spinal cord injury and died after 40 days of treatment in hospital, collected and reported by Casino online FB88.

Thornton’s girlfriend – Amber Willard said the boxer was still in good spirits, sober and even joking during his hospital stay. However, he died after 40 days of treatment at the hospital at the age of 38. The cause of Thornton’s death has not been announced at this time.

Before participating in the bare-knuckle boxing match at BKFC, Thornton experienced many fights in mixed martial arts (MMA) content.

Justin Thornton’s achievements throughout his fighting career

  • Justin Thornton is a former MMA fighter with a modest record: 6 wins, 18 losses, including 11 knockouts.
  • The 38-year-old boxer competes in the heavyweight division at several local MMA tournaments. The confrontation at BKFC 20 was the second time Justin Thornton faced rival Dillon Cleckler in the ring.
  • In 2013, Thornton – a 1m85 tall boxer, weighing 97kg – also lost to Clecker by technical knockout after only 65 seconds at MMA Island Fight 20.

The martial arts world in general and MMA in particular, and Casino FB88 online bookie are truly sorry for the passing of boxer Justin Thornton.

Top Best and Most Popular MMA Fighters Today

Leaving behind the regretful departure of Justin Thornton, which names of MMA fighters are most interested in? Let’s read the short list compiled by Casino online FB88 experts.

Jorge Masvidal – The most violent man in welterweight

Masvidal is probably the most violent man in the 170lbs weight class and has a reputation for being incredibly skilled at boxing. Masvidal had a long stint in boxing before turning to MMA.

In 2005, he once won a professional boxing match. In addition to boxing skills, Masvidal has also trained in Muay Thai.

It was these techniques that helped him compete better in MMA. Admittedly, when fighting in the iron cage, Masvidal played quickly, explosively and had a lot of power.

Junior Dos Santos – The man with the longest winning streak in UFC heavyweight history

Junior Dos Santos (JDS) is a former UFC champion and perhaps the greatest heavyweight boxer ever seen. He’s almost become the purest boxer in the MMA cage.

Inside the cage, he always kept heavy on lead legs and managed to land his famous right arm. This is the main weapon that he used to defeat many famous boxers including Cain Velasquez.

Holly Holm – The best female MMA fighter in the world

Holm is the best female MMA fighter the world has ever seen competing inside a cage. Before turning to MMA, Holm was a professional boxer and multiple world champion. During her career, she was able to win all the major boxing world titles: WBF; WBA; WBC and IBA.

Nick Diaz – The World’s Most Favorite Warrior

Nick is the worldwide fan-favorite fighter and a true fighter inside the cage. No matter who he’s fighting, you just need to know that Nick is always on his side and ready to deliver a performance for his fans. Like his brother Nate, Nick also trained and competed in BJJ.

Conor McGregor – Best MMA Fighter

Conor is an MMA fighter with excellent boxing skills. He started boxing at the age of 12 in the Crumlin Boxing Club. And he fought as an amateur for a while.

As the biggest star and best fighter of the UFC, he went up against one of the greatest fighters in history – Floyd Mayweather in the ring. Despite the loss, Conor played really well and he delivered some great punches to Floyd’s chin.

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