Best Sports Twitter Accounts 2018

Want sports news on the go?

We took a look at the top sports bloggers to follow on Twitter.

In no particular order, you will find some of the best sports reporters to follow on Twitter, some of them will inspire you to laugh as you browse through some funniest sports Twitter accounts. No matter what you type of sporting information you need, you are sure to find them through this bloggers.


Real Madrid News


The Twitter account was opened July 2016. Although it bears the names of the club, it was created by fans for others fans. On the Twitter feed, you get all you need to know about your favorite club, as a fan. There is news on the club, including transfer rumors and actual transfers, reports on matches, commentaries, lineups, memorable pictures concerning the club, especially that of goals. In addition, the Twitter account provides an opportunity for fans to interact by analyzing games. Plus, it is an extension of the blog where fans who are interested in football betting can bet responsibly.

Inside World Football

Twitter: @insidewldftball

In existence since 2009, the Inside World Football Twitter feed keeps you informed on the world of football in general. This Twitter account would, therefore, not only appeals to fans but everybody in the world of the game. It caters to people on the business side and the entertainment side alike. With over forty-seven thousand followers, the account is there to serve as a resource provider designed to keep you informed on all the inside scoop, gist, news, information on the world of football. Apart from tweets, they also provide pictures and videos that would come in handy if one loves the sport.


The Football Girl

Twitter: @thefootballgirl

Melissa Jacobs, who is the creator of The Football Girl blog and Twitter account, has proven again and again that football is not only a man’s thing. Many have associated the love for football and many other sports to men, but Melissa is showing that you can be a woman and totally love the sport. She dishes information about football that men and women alike would appreciate. She, however, also gives insight into what it is like to be a woman in her industry. Plus, she addresses general issues as well that she terms, “helpful fantasy advice.”


Illegal Curve Hockey

Twitter: @IllegalCurve


The Twitter account of the hockey blog and show, the Illegal Curve Hockey, is the interactive arm for all hockey lovers. However, the Twitter account, which was created in 2008, is particular about Winnipeg Jets and the Manitoba Moose news. Therefore, if you are a fan of both or either of the two hockey clubs, you can visit their Twitter feed to discuss and interact with hockey like yourself as well as the presenters of the show. And you can get acquainted with the schedules of the two hockey clubs (both of their games and their practice) in addition to other hockey news.



Twitter: @RunToTheFinish

Being on Twitter since April 2009, Amanda Brooks, the creator of RunToTheFinish, is focused on running and how it can improve your health. Her tweets are targeted towards making you fit through running to the finish. Accordingly, she mentioned that her tips and information are well researched to make you maintain a healthy lifestyle and well-being. Her feed also contains retweets from similar coaches who tweet information on another form of exercises to engage in. Therefore, her Twitter feed does not just concentrate on running but other forms of exercises as well that you can be sure to benefit from.


Football Action


Football Action, a UK based football blog, created the Twitter account in December 2003. The love of the British for football is not hidden as they even house some of the most popular football clubs in the world. So it is not surprising that there is a blog dedicated to football that is based in the UK. Their Twitter feed would be attractive for football fans who want to interact on breaking and updated news, accurate information, commentaries, football transfers and match analysis as well as any information on the world of football that would appeal to fans.


Diamond Hoggers


Joined Twitter since April 2009, the Twitter account of Diamond Hoggers is a go-to place for all baseball fans. The blog itself provides all kinds of information and updated news that a baseball fan would appreciate. So, their Twitter feed is an extension of what happens on the blog. Only, now there is room for interaction between the fans as well from everywhere in the world. If you are a fan of baseball and you are looking for a place to visit to interact with like minds, then the Twitter feed of Diamond Hoggers is there for you.


Cage Potato MMA News

Twitter: @cagepotatomma

The Twitter account, which was opened in February 2009, is the delight of fans and lover of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Cage Potato was founded by Jared Jones to cater to updated and valuable news, information, fight schedules, fight videos and every other thing associated to MMA. Apart from that, however, there are tweets of videos, pictures or just general to have fun with so not to make it all boring with MMA talks. Some of the videos tweeted or retweeted are really good for laughs and can appeal to you whether you are a fan of MMA or not.


Baseball Musings

Twitter: @statsguru

The Twitter account of Baseball Musings was created in March 2008 by David Pinto, the founder of Baseball Musings, who started blogging about baseball since 2002. Usually, David Pinto tweets the posts posted on his blog, the Baseball Musings. It is, however, also a go to place for baseball fans to have a field day talking about their favourite sports. The Twitter feed is not only an avenue to learn a lot about what is going on in the sport through the information and updated news that David dishes out, it is also a place to interact with other people of like minds as well.


101 Great Goals

Twitter: @101greatgoals

101 Great Goals joined Twitter in 2007 and already boasts of about 198 thousand followers. The blog version of the Twitter account is a blog for social media enthusiasts who are social media savvy. So, it is expected that the Twitter account would be very engaging and interesting. Their Twitter feed contains everything that you would enjoy as a football enthusiast, ranging from updated news and information, transfer news, analysis of football matches and happenings in the industry, commentaries, videos and pictures of memorable moments in the sport as well as a chance to interact with fellow football enthusiasts.


La Liga Blog

Twitter: @laligablog

The Twitter account is an extension of the La Liga Blog, a blog based on the Spanish football league. La Liga Blog was founded by Andy MacFarlane, who is British but fell in love with the Spanish league. Their Twitter feed is mostly filled with posts that they posted on the blog, written by various writers. The posts tweeted are updated news and information, commentaries and analysis that a fan of the Spanish league would find interesting. However, the Spanish league is not the only league featured on their Twitter feed because the European league meet up for games as well and so, indirectly, information about other leagues in Europe are featured.



Twitter: @Sportskeeda

A verified account that has over 89 thousand followers, Sportskeeda is a place of attraction for sport enthusiast. Their Twitter feed features various kinds of sports to cater to different sport lovers. The sports ranges from cricket, MMA, tennis, poker, running, hockey, boxing, WWE, basketball, badminton to football and many more others. Although the list is not exhaustive but they have enough updated news and information, memorable videos and pictures, commentaries and analysis for some of the most loved sports in the world. If you are sport lovers, you can follow them to enjoy information on your favourite sport and also have an opportunity to interact with like minds.


The Football Pink

Twitter: @TheFootballPink

The Twitter account of the Football Pink, that can be called a Football Magazine. They issue out magazines focused on the ins and outs of the football world (both the game and the business angle of it). They also tweet their posts on the blog, which consist of opinions and commentaries from different writers as well as the news. Apart from that, by following them, you can either be a seller of their football gears or have an opportunity to see the gears that they have in their shop and buy as it interests you. It will be a way of connecting to your favourite players.


The Science of Sport

Twitter: @Scienceofsport


Also a verified account, it is Twitter of the blog, the Science of Sport, owned by Ross Tucker. The Twitter account presently has more than 63 thousand followers. If you love sports in general, then this is for you because the Twitter feeds provides with happenings on sports, both accurate and updated news as well as well researched opinions. Tucker also tweets about the science of sports in the sense of illuminating all the science behind sport and sport performance. He looks at both the health angle and the lifestyle angle, he looks at sport management and controversies also. His Twitter feed contains a broad range of topics that would appeal to both sport men, sport businessmen and sport fans.


World Soccer Talk

Twitter: @wsoccertalk

The Twitter account of World Soccer Talk, a blog that talks on soccer, it is an appealing Twitter feed to visit. They consist of different writers who basically talk about soccer (or football as the case may be). If you are really enthusiastic about soccer and especially do not want to miss any of the games, then you can follow them for the match schedules of the major leagues around the world. Apart from that, you also get information on the various media outlets where you can stream to watch the game. And if your interest is simply on the conversation, you have a place for you as well.


Sport Nutrition from Coach Levi

Twitter: @coachlevi

This is the Twitter feed of Coach Levi, a former mountain bike racer, now turned US certified cycling coach as well as certified Precision Nutrition. His programs are usually for athletes, including cycling and traithlon, but as any sport person, you can follow him to learn how to lead a better lifestyle. Sport people lead a more active and energetic lifestyle than others, so it is expected that their diet and lifestyle will be also different to accommodate what their body has to go through. Coach Levi shares information on his Twitter feed to train sport men on their nutrition and lifestyle so they can feel better and live better.


The Baseball Journeyman

Twitter: @baseballjourney

Created by Eric Bynum since March, 2010, the Twitter account is an extension of the Baseball Journeyman, a blog about baseball. What makes this Twitter feed really interesting is the fact that Eric is living the dream of every baseball and even other sport fans. Eric is from Texas but he has being to different parts of the world just to watch baseball. His blog and by extension, the Twitter account is, therefore, a documentation of his journey as he shares with the world. If you don’t have an opportunity to travel to watch baseball, you can travel virtually with Eric Bynum through his Twitter feed.


Pitch Invasion Football

Twitter: @pitchinvasion

The Twitter account, which was opened since December 2007, is a go to fun place for lovers of football. The Twitter feed is full of many tweets that would interest you as a football fan and enthusiasts. You get to have an opportunity to relate with other football fans like yourself and you are also updated on the ins and outs of the football industry; all the updated and accurate news about players, coaches, the businessmen involved, transfer transactions, commentaries and analysis are what you would enjoy by following them on Twitter. Additionally, you can redirect to the blog, where fans are allowed to bet on their favourite games.


Talk Chelsea

Twitter: @talkchelsea

Chelsea is one of the most popular football clubs in the world with a high number of devoted fans. It is, therefore, not a surprise that there is a blog dedicated to the club and a Twitter account as well. The Twitter account and the blog, Talk Chelsea was created by fans for fans of their beloved club. Created in 2009, the Twitter account already has 47 thousand followers. The Twitter feed is concentrated news and information about Chelsea, including their matches and meets, the footballers, the club’s transfer and all inside news about the club. The fun part is that you meet several other fans like yourself from all over the world.


Life in the Fast-pitch Lane

Twitter: @kenkrause

The Twitter account of Ken Krause, the creator of Life in the Fast-pitch Lane. Ken Krause is Three Star Master Coach with the National Fastpitch Coaches Association and has been coaching girls Fastpitch softball for nearly twenty years. He is also the owner and lead instructor of Softball Success. So basically, what that implies is that he knows what he is doing. If you are softball fan, a player or even a coach, his Twitter feed is a good place to be to learn tips and insight about the softball game. He also gives time to provide updates news and information about softball that might interest you as a softball fan.


Bundesliga Fanatic

Twitter: @Bundesliga4u

With more than 19 thousand followers, the Twitter account belongs to Bundesliga Fanatic, a blog with many contributor, dedicated to German football league. It was created to cater to the English speaking fans of German league. If you are fan of German football league, then this is the place for you because not only will you find people of like minds who like German football like yourself, you will also be kept up to date with information from your favourite league. The Twitter feed features match reports, interviews, historic pieces, editorials, updated ins and outs, news and information about the German league, mostly posted on the main blog.



Basketball Bicker

Twitter: @bballbicker

Handled by Emmanuel Altenor, who is a Fox Sports affiliate, a member of the Professional Basketball Writers Association and a fan of the NBA (National Basketball Association). The Twitter feed can be a delight to a fan of the NBA who is looking for a private Twitter feed, different from the official website of the basketball clubs, to visit. The Twitter feed features up to date news and information about the ins and outs of the NBA, including the games, business side, and the players. He also gives place for financial talk, making you have the best of both worlds; basketball and financial information.


There you have it. The best sports accounts to follow on Twitter. Which of them is your favorite? We love to hear your comments.

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