An Introduction to the Best Sport Betting Strategies Part 2

We continue our series of articles on the best sports betting strategies both new and professional bettors can employ to improve their chances of winning.

In the previous part, we covered Focusing on one team and betting with not more than 2% of your total bankroll.

In this article, we look at two more strategies you should use if you want to boost your chances of winning especially in the long term.

  1. Use Software for Access to Advance strategies

If you take professional sports betting as a career, you may have to use some software like that being sold by Sports Insight and Swish Analytics to help you develop personal winning strategies.

These software come with a huge database of information that would otherwise be almost impossible for you to get to grips with. The information you would get from these databases includes Team vs team, Money Line range, opponents form, opponents rank, and favourite or underdog teams.

With this software, you can put a number of variables together and see how these teams play when they are up against a specific opponent and other trends that would be hidden from the public.

You would also have access to database calculators that would offer a couple of options when you want to bet on a certain match.

Why use Software

Because of the access to several tools today, professional bettors use software to narrow down variables, spot trends and come up with winning strategies.

I can be very tough initially when you begin to use these software programs because of the volume of information you would have to deal with.

However, if you spend some time playing around with it, you would quickly become a professional at using them.

With time, by using these software packages you will become great at spotting trends even without the use of the software.

What using software wouldn’t do for you

While the use of software helps us to gain advance statistical analysis of games, it does not guarantee that your bet would win. It only gives you access to small start that could improve your chances of winning the bet.

Another major flaw in using the software in betting is that it takes some of the fun out of sports betting.


Use ATS Record to Bet

Vegas lines determine one of the most used information about how teams perform against the spread (ATS).

Thus, finding ATS records is easier than any betting tip as most websites worldwide publish them across all sports.

For example, you could look up the Golden State Warriors who have an 18-13 win-loss record. This looks very promising on the eye, but you would be surprised to realize their ATS record is 12 – 19.

If you judge the Warriors only on their ATS record, they would not be an attractive bet.

What’s even better is that you can use trends to back up the ATS record.

But these trends can only be gotten when you work with advance software.

Why you should bet with ATS record

You should be with ATS because the goal of spread betting is to be able to guess correctly who is able to cover the spread.

While it is not advisable to ignore other stats, ATS should be one of the top criteria which determines your betting strategy.

What ATS Betting will not do for you

Looking at past ATS records is a useful exercise, but it doesn’t help much in predicting the future outcome of games. This is because every new opponent has the ability to present new challenges that would not be covered by how a team performs ATS in their previous matches.

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