An Introduction to the Best Sport Betting Strategies Part 1

Sports’ betting is one of the few forms of betting that gives you a chance to win big in the long haul and that’s what makes it unique.

Additionally, sports bettors get the privilege of watching the teams they bet on entertain them, although you would only enjoy watching a game when the team you bet on wins you the bet.

Regardless of whether you watch the game or not, to win in sports betting you need a good strategy, in this article we take you through some good strategies that would guarantee you winning most times.

  1. Focus on a Single team

Every single day there are several sports teams playing, and you would easily be tempted to bet on every one of them. Betting on any and every team is fine if you have a large bankroll and you are betting for the purpose of entertainment, however, if you want to make a living out of betting, you cannot learn what you need to succeed in the long term by betting on every team.

If you are a new bettor, we would advice you to choose one team and one sport to start betting on. This would allow you to learn more about that team and reduce the time you would otherwise use to research about them before betting on them.

Closely watch your chosen team to understand their players and managerial tendencies, as this would help give you an edge over the average bettor.

You would improve your chances of winning in sports betting when you choose a team in a sport and bet only on them until you have done the same research on another team.

Why focus on one team

By learning a lot about a single team, you give yourself a good chance of correctly predicting their game outcomes and even managerial decisions like substitutions.

Another advantage is that you would have more information about that team than most bookmakers which would make it easier for you to beat them at their own game.

Why you may not want to focus on a single team

Although it is exciting to win in betting, sticking to just one team can be very boring, it would take a lot of resistance to avoid the temptation of betting on other teams.

You would also miss some winnings from other teams that are not your focus and that could be frustrating.

However, the long-term benefits of betting on a single team outweigh this short-term benefits of drifting towards every other team.


  1. Don’t Bet More than Two Percent of your Bankroll

One of the biggest mistakes bettors make is to put a large part of their bankroll into a single bet. Perhaps they think they won’t lose so much money, or when they eventually win, their winnings would be large.

However, if you want to become a successful bettor in the long term, you would need to put a limit on the amount you spend on every single game you bet on.

The major reason is that even the best bettors endure some run of loses at given points in time, so it makes no sense to bet $25 on a single game when your total bankroll is $100.

Professional bettors would only bet 2% or less of their total bankroll.

If you have a small bankroll say $200, you should look to bet about $5 or $10 per contest which is about 2.5% to 5% of their total outlay.

Why You Should Bet with Less than two Percent of your Bankroll

If you are betting 2% of $1,000 you are surer of greater wins in the long run than betting $200 per game.

With good betting skills and patience, you would more likely win more than you lose with this conservative strategy.

Also, you would suffer less anxiety when the game is not going your way if your bet is just 2% than when it is as much as 25% of your total outlay.

Why you may not bet with less than less than two percent

The major issue with betting 2% or less of your total bankroll is that most people have very small sum as their total bankroll. This makes it difficult to be conservative because there is usually a minimum you can place on a bet and a win with a small bet would usually amount to a small or insignificant winning.

Just like in life without a good strategy, it would hard to be successful and happy, it would also be very difficult to win as a professional bettor if you don’t have a strategy for winning.

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