How watching and following football helps you place winning bets

Football fans are usually not very surprised by the outcome of the games they bet on as their followership of football most times helps them pick the right bets.

There is arguably just a few things you need to know to place a winning bet, but, just does watching their games and following football teams contribute to how much you can win on every bet you place?

Soccer fans do not only watch the games on TV or live in the Stadiums; they also follow teams online via their websites, sports websites, and social media accounts. This gives them some advantage over the bookmakers when they bet. Other sporting events like the Cheltenham Festival 2018 also offers bettors the chance to enjoy themselves by watching the games live, but football remains one of the most watched sports by bettors.

Bettors who watch and follow football may not be able to predict the correct outcomes of games all the time, but their followership exposes them to some key information about factors that could influence the final score of games. Some of these information includes:


Weather is one key element that influences the outcome of football scores, and those who are constantly watching soccer would know how a team performs in winter when there could be snow-filled and waterlogged pitches compared to the summer when the weather is clearer.

Recovery time

When football teams play more games in a week it affects them, this is because the more time they have to recuperate, the fresher they would be in their very next fixture.

Midweek European commitments gives players like Lionel Messi less recovery time

Those who watch and follow football tend to know the schedule of the teams they bet on, which helps them determine which opponent has the advantage. When a team with European commitment in midweek is playing against another team that has rested the whole week, you can expect the well-rested team to have a fresher group of players than their opponent.

Player injuries and physical conditions

One thing players cannot escape is injury no matter how careful they are and how experienced their Physical therapists and Sports doctors are. As a matter of fact, we have heard of player’s legs being insured against injuries, this goes to show how much an injury to a player could affect his team’s result. When bettors watch and follow football, they can know when a team’s main man is out injured and how much he would be missed. For example, when a striker like Harry Kane who has scored a goal every 88 minutes for his team this season, is sidelined, the chances of his team winning, or scoring as much as they score when he is fit an playing would reduce.

Mental health of the players

There is so much pressure at the top level in football and there have been cases where players have suffered mentally under pressure. One of the biggest sources of pressure for footballers is their transfer fees. When a club makes a new purchase for a record fee, the player is usually under pressure to deliver and this has been credited with affecting their mental health. One obvious case at the moment is Renato Sanches at Swansea, the young Portuguese midfielder was the star of Portugal’s Euro 2016 triumph, yet he has failed hit the same heights since then.

His current loan club, Swansea has been forced to play him despite his struggles, his presence in the team’s line up affects his teammate’s play because of his poor performances, and subsequently their result. Those who watch football, would easily get this information and place the right bet.

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